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April 12, 2011


christine :)

Ok, I should take vitamins. I don't, though. I should. Also, I love garage sales. Also, on the garage sale part, the reasons, 1 and 2, it stressed me out because you spelled out "one" and put the number "2". I'm just OCD like that, though. Hey, at least you're blogging. Unlike me. oops.


I'm sorry it stressed you out. Comma splices stress me out, but surprisingly one and 2 doesn't. Had I noticed, I probably wouldn't have done it. When I went back to edit the post, I just decided against changing it. I don't like starting a sentence with the number 1, because it makes me feel like I should have started a brand new paragraph. I also didn't want to change it to 'two' because I would have felt like it needed to be capitalized in order to break it up and make you stop to notice it, but we all know you can't capitilize a non-proper noun in the middle of the sentence. Nonsense.

Moral of the comment: I'm OCD and so I'm sorry that I upset your OCD-ness, because being OCD really is irritating. Unfortunately, I cannot change it at this time. In the future, I will do my best to honor your OCD. =)

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