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January 03, 2011



You are an amazing young woman and I know God has great things in store for you and Robert in the future! I love you.


You are such a blessing to my life. You always help me to be better for the Lord and you are a great asset to His church. I know you will help a lot of people. I love you.


Hey Honey Honey!
Let me just say first of al--these are some great goals to have for the new year and i wholeheartedly believe that they are attainable. you can do it!!! :)Second of all, I totally wish that I could read your tumblr and you know that....so, i'll try to check in with you and make sure that you're keeping that up. just keep on keeping on and i'm sure that everything will work out! i believe in you :)
sorry for the cheeziness of this ....
Love you!

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