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November 03, 2009



I know this is wrong to say, but ...

I wish I was just like you. I think you're great, and I wish I was as strong and everything as you.



You're way, way too nice to me! I told you I was jealous of YOUR life....don't turn things around, 1/3rd Muskateer.


[this is good] omg, On that note... I just now found out that it's spelled MUSKETEER, not MuskAteer.

Oops. I've been spelling it with an A.

But, you know what? we are going to be the MUSKATEERS and too bad for whoever invited the spelling of musketeers.

1/3 Muskateer


Well, I most definitely cannot spell. But I prefer Muskateer over Musketeer any day. And I'm proud to be a 1/3rd with two of the coolest people ever. =)

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